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Community Correction Program (CCP)

The Community Corrections Program (CCP) identifies certain felony offenders who can be punished safely within the community by utilizing sentencing options that range from deferred sentences to incarceration. There are different requirements that qualify an offender for the program:

  • Felony charge
  • Youthful offender status
  • Prison bound
  • Safely punishable within the community
  • Probation revocation

By offering an individualized plan for offenders, the CCP Program is striving to ease prison overcrowding, decrease the rates of recidivism, and lower the cost of punishment.

Institutional Diversion (Early Release)

The Alabama Department of Corrections identifies certain inmates sentenced for non-violent offenses in the Thirteenth Judicial Circuit who may be released early and supervised by this program until the end of sentence date (EOS).

Mobile Community Corrections Center

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Mobile, AL 36603

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